Our Design Process (Project Procedure) from Start to Finish

Ever wondered about the project procedure top interior design companies employ to create amazing living and workspaces for clients? We’ll be diving into that in this post.

Every interior designer has their modus operandi when it comes to their projects, and we would be lifting the curtains in this post to show you how we carry out client projects from start to finish and why you should choose Oeuvre Designs to handle your space.

As an award-winning interior design company with the vision of becoming the leading interior design company in Africa, we operate a very structured approach to designing residential and commercial spaces.

Our project procedure is broken down into 4 phases: the consultation phase, the concept and design phase, the execution and implementation phase, and the installation & handover phase.

Let’s dive in to discuss these phases of the project in detail.

Phase 1: The Consultation Phase

This is the first stage of the project where our team meets with the client for a project brief, either physically or virtually. We interact with you to understand what your dreams are for your space and how you want it.

In this phase, our focus is on understanding your needs in detail, how you intend to use the space, the design you may have in mind, and every expectation you have concerning the outcome of your space.  

The consultation phase also includes preliminary studies of your site. We will find out more about you and your design expectations.

Before leaving, our architects carry out a site survey, take measurements of the space, and throw some ideas at you to determine your preference.

Important to note at this phase is that you have a budget range in mind as this would give us an idea of the scope of work, fittings, and accessories to include when planning the space.

Oeuvre Designs will be happy to bring your dreams alive and propose an acceptable budget for your project.

Phase 2: Concept and Design

The Concept and design phase ushers us into our creative process. In this phase, we interpret your vision, preference, and personality through design. Every piece of information gathered during the consultation phase would be utilized here.

We have three deliverables at this phase;

First, our strong focus on concept planning and designing births forth a proposed 2D architectural layout of the planned space.

Secondly, the proposed furniture and color selection is made which is then used in setting up a mood board for the client. A mood board shows the type of furniture proposed for your space and the colors palette used.

Finally, a quotation will be generated and is sent to the client alongside the mood board and proposed 2D layout.

It is important to note that the prices on the quotation will elapse 2 weeks after it is sent as a result of the prevailing market factors.

The duration for this phase is usually 3 weeks but could be more depending on the volume of spaces to be designed.

Phase 3: Execution and Implementation

The third phase of the project commences immediately after the client has commissioned the project execution to our team. We begin by sourcing the materials such as fabrics, wood, tiles, wallpapers, accessories, etc. from reputable sources.

As a bespoke interior design company, we take pride in building all our furniture items in-house in order to give quality attention to detail. When all materials are purchased, our artisans at the factory begin building out the furniture pieces to specification.

Attention to detail is a painstaking activity carried out here to ensure we give our clients the best, and that’s why they keep coming back.

This phase usually takes between twelve to thirty weeks, depending on the magnitude of the project, especially when making a lot of bespoke furniture pieces.

Phase 4: Installation and Project Handover

The installation and project handover phase is a very exciting phase for us at Oeuvre Designs as we get to see the beauty of all we’ve been working on the past few months.

It’s at this phase that we get to move all furniture items and fittings to the client space and bring to life the approved design from the concept and design phase.

It’s always a beauty to behold as the space unfolds from paper into what can be seen, touched, and felt.

Thereafter, we accessorize the space, bringing out the complete beauty and glory of the entire design process.

It’s always an emotional moment for clients as they behold the wonder they’ve been waiting for.

At this point, the client will be required to sign a project completion form as we hand over the space to them.

There you have it, the Oeuvre Designs process for designing your spaces from start to finish. As you would note, these projects take time, but it’s an important element in the design process and the result is always worth the wait.

Need to do up your space? Call our design studio on 0908 364 2867.

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